Architecture is the art of building functional but aesthetic ideas, mixing art and technology with science. It is the architect’s profession, where they can guarantee society places to inhabit while respecting nature and the city’s order, where they can improve people’s lives and satisfy their needs. It is one of the seven arts and a palette of different ones in itself.

Some reflections from great architects:

  • “Architecture is the inevitable art, we are in continuous contact with it… we can avoid contemplating paintings, sculptures or any other work of art but architecture, it affects us constantly, configures our behaviour and conditions our state of mind…” – Richard Leland
  • “Architecture is the art of building”- Marcus Vitruvius

Unlike other arts, sciences or any other ways of knowing the world, technique is essentially a way of doing, therefore, technique defines humanity.

Architecture is a technique that defines the way we live. The technical dimension places it on the border with the arts, as it goes beyond individual capacity because it is a collective work, and requires programming of its execution.

This art arises from a need or problem that calls for change and it is linked to the understanding of the place as a support and active part that determines the relationships between things.