For this practice I have chosen to analyze one of Lina Bo Bardi’s works, the MASP (Art Museum of Sao Paulo). It was built in 1958 in the city of Sao Paulo and it is one of the most emblematic modernist projects of Brazilian architecture. 

This building was was built on the land occupied by the old Trianon Belvedere, on Paulista Avenue, in 1968. This incredible place is located in the middle of the intersection of two road axes and has the street on one side, and Trianon Park on the other, from where you have views of the city and the Sierra de Cantareira.

The MASP outstands in the landscape, since it is short and colourful and is surrounded by tall white buildings as well as kind of isolated, because of the park and the roads which separate it from adjacent constructions.

It is a modern space, which means it «breaks the box» design in classical spaces. Even though the building itself has a rectangular shape, the enclosure has a polygonal shape.