My name is Celia González and I’m a first year architecture student (group 1E). If I had to describe myself briefly I would say I’m someone very positive, familiar and an art lover. Describing myself is something that is kind of hard for me, which is why I asked my best friend Alicia to do it for me, since she is the person who knows me the most. According to her, I’m sensitive, happy, kind and observative.

As I said, I’m very familiar, however this also refers to my friends. I love spending time with them and living adventures. This summer, I have spent most of it travelling with them. After the pau exam, I travelled to Santander, spent a few days in Javea and in Albacete, went to my grandma’s house in our village and travelled to the Pyrenees with my family as well.

I also love sunrises and sunsets (and even better if it is in the beach), and also always felt a kind of connection to the moon. I think this is because when I was little (and now sometimes too) my mom always used to say to me «look how beautiful the moon looks tonight».

Another thing that defines me a lot is music. I’m always listening to music with anything I’m doing. Some of my favourite artists are Ariana Grande, Harry Styles and the other memebers of One Direction (as well as the band itself), Billie Eilish and Wallows. As you can tell, my favourite genre is pop.

a screenshot of some of my playlists on spotify

I actually hadn’t chosen what I wanted to study up until June this year. I have always been interested in many things and I love to learn and try every new thing I have the opportunity to. That is why I have so many hobbies: dancing, playing volleyball, drawing, painting, sewing… I do bellydance, which is an oriental type of dance that comes from Egypt, since I was 7 or 8 years old, so it’s 10 years now.

However, in terms of choosing what career I wanted to do, I struggled a lot, since I found it very interesting to learn about many different topics but I didn’t see myself exercising the profession.

Nevertheless, this summer I travelled to Cantabria and visited Comillas which is a village where you can find some of Gaudí’s works such as the “Capricho de Gaudí”. I loved that place and since then I have been more and more interested in the world of architecture.

The reason I finally decided to study architecture is because it combines design and creativity with science, which is for me the perfect combination and what I was looking for in a career. 

There are many quotes that inspire me to act the way I do and be the way I am:

If it scares you, do it, as long as it does not impact others negativetly
If you are not obssessed with your life change it

It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day

Louis Tomlinson