As we know by now, Pinterest is my main source of inspiration, so I spend a lot of time in it.

One of my favourite boeards I have is my dream house one. To put you a little bit in context, I love the north of Spain, I’m in love with it. So whenever I think of my future or where I would live I always have a clear answer: in a house small village in Asturias or Cantabria isolated from the world.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a reflection tellig how I would like my future house to be or how I imagine my dream house. But I will tell it as if it already existed.

First thing, the location. As I have said I live in a house which is isolated in a small village. The house is situated in a place near the sea (with a small beach near) but also surrounded by nature and mountain. It has a garden where I can sunbathe, dance freely and do any activity I want, so a pretty big garden. It has some trees but not too many, and there are fruit trees and plants. The house itself is very «cottagecore» as it is called on pinterest. It has very light (but not white) and warm colors on the facade as well as the inside, a lot of windows and light and very high roofs.

About the distribuition, the house has one bathroom, a kitchen which is connected to the livingroom and both have access to the garden; there is also a room for guests, a creative room and obviously my room.

The bathroom has the basics and a shower. The kitchen is very spatious and has a lot os things to cook and make cookies. As I have said it has access to the garden where I also plant my spices and it has a small table where I eat breakfast. The livingroom which is next to the kitchen has a decent size tv as well as a sofa. It has a shelf with books, magazines and music CDs and near it there is a furniture in which stands a record player, bluetooth speaker and some decorations.

The guest room has a single bed, a closet and a table with a chair. It is decorated lightly and with light colors with a light blue wall to stand out and a mirror.

My room on the other hand has a lot of decorations. It has a double bed, mirror, closet (not too big) and a desk as well. It also has a little corner with a shelf with notebooks, books etc and a puff to sit. The walls are of a light color with a lot of posters and pictures with loved ones in them.

Then finally we have the creative room. In this room there is everything I use to be creative. There is stuff to paint, to sew, some instruments… Basically any hobby I do. There is also a closet where I store all of my Bellydance costumes and jewelry and a big mirror occupying one entire wall so I can dance and practice. This room is the most spacious after the kitchen-livingroom moment.