This reflection is kind of a continuation of the «Trip to: Cantabria» one. In that one I mentioned how I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to study so I’m going to explain to you how I finally decided that I wanted to study architecture.

Let’s start from the beginning. Since I was very little I loved every type of art. I’m a very curious person, so I like to try everything out and experiment with things. In fact, it is kind of my philosophy of life, to try everything even when it scares me. So since I was younger I have had many different hobbies, and the thing is I liked every single one of them. I go by seasons, sometimes I spend my free time sewing my own clothes, others painting, others drawing, others making crafts, or dancing. 

One day, I think I was like 9, I suddenly decided I wanted to do the Bellas Artes degree, and I would do the “bachillerato” of arts. In my mind this was the best option, because it is what I enjoyed the most. However, as I grew older things changed, I discovered I actually like science too, so instead I chose to do the scientific bachillerato (and because in case I chag¡nged my mind it was easier to go from science to arts than the contrary). During bachillerato, thinking about what I wanted to do, I was leaning towards doing interior design. The only thing I had clear was that I wanted to do something that had to do with design, so my options were either fashion design, interior design or graphic design, but since when I was little I liked the interior design job, so I decided to do that. 

Fast forward to summer 2020, I traveled to Santander with some of my best friends and visited the Capricho of Gaudí. Somehow I felt like something clicked in me. It sounds kind of dramatic but it is true. I just knew that what I actually wanted to do was architecture because since the moment the thought came to my mind, whenever I thought about studying anything else, even interior design, I didn’t want to do it anymore.

During the entire summer I kept coming across Gaudí’s work and the idea was more and more appealing to me, so exactly the same week we had to send our the inscription, I told my parents and friends, and even though everyone told me how difficult it was, and was going to be (even my friend’s dad who is a teacher in the ETSA told me not to), I did what I do best and I didn’t listen to anyone and did the opposite of what I was told.

For now, we have finished the first semester and I’ve been liking it a lot. It is actually a little different than I expected but in a better way. In conclusion, I do not regret choosing architecture (for now), in fact I think I would have regretted choosing interior design, because I would have felt there was so much more that I could learn and enjoy.