2021 has finally ended and what a tough year it has been. It had its ups and downs but the important thing is that I have learned a lot of new things and made new friends. One of my highlights of the year was getting in in architecture and starting the degree. So this incoming year I have decided some resolutions I want to incorporate to 2022.

In general I have probably the same resolutions as everyone. The typical spend more rime with friends and family, be more organised etc. but this year I wanted to incorporate new habits and for it I made some resolutions.

  1. Read 12 books or more (this is a start for me because I don’t usually read but I want to do it more)
  2. Make up at least 3 choreographies
  3. Do more tourism through Valencia (twice a month at least I want to walk arond the city and discover new places I didn’t know about).
  4. Cook more often and learn new recipies
  5. Get my drivers license
  6. Do more pic-nics and breakfast with friends

The third one is the one that has something to do with architecture. I want to develope it a bit more. I realised how I don’t really know a lot of things and places about Valencia, even though I lived here my whole life. That is why I decided to do at least twice a month (I know it is not a lot but I have very few days completely free) a tourist day. I want to take some of my friends and walk around some part of the city and discover new buildings, restaurants, shops, places… I did this with my friends Ana and Martina this christmas.

Let me tell you about that day. We went to a coffee shop behind the «Plaza de Toros» and bought some hot coffee and began our journey. This day we had decided to walk around the Carmen neighborhood. At first we wanted to take a lot of pictures, nevertheless, as always we arrived late so it was already dark as the sun set very early. But that didn’t stop us from continuing our plan. We didn’t really discover any new builidng which I was hoping to, but we discovered some jewelry shops as well as second hand shops. We entered a second hand clothing shop where the owner was incredibly nice. We all got along very well and she told us a lot of things from when she was our age. My friend Martina ended up buying a pair of pants which fit her so well. Before that we also went to a second hand music store. Here I tried not to look much because CDs are my weakness and I shouldn’t spend money. But my friend Martina also bought a Pink Floyd vinyl as a christmas gift for herself. After all of this, we went to a place where they sell «empanadillas». They were the best ones I have ever tried! We also asked for two pieces of cake and they were delicious. We ended our day by going to «Convento» the bar where my friends from highschool and I always go, and met there some of our friends, including Paula who came back from Barcelona. Then we went home because we were very tired.

Although it was a very simple plan, I had such a good time. Therefore I have decided to make it one of my new years resolutions.